Call for Submissions

January’s Theme>>> “Africa: The Art of Building It”

Highlighting the fact that The African Street Writer (TASW) is an African Ideology for Africans, our choice of first theme is amassed around building Africa with the most overlooked means; the art.

As Africa is becoming a great force to contend with, one might ask, ‘what has Africa got for others to want to contend with it?’

Let’s put aside its rich culture, its beautiful people, its peculiar troubles or whatever Africa might be known for…Let’s see how Africa can build her future with its art.

With this in mind, submissions should be built around the thought of making a better Africa today.

Entries would be accepted from two categories (Fiction/Non-Fiction and Poetry). Submission begins from January 1st 2013 and ends January 31st 2013 for the first Issue.

Submission Guidelines

  1. TASW charges no submission fee
  2. All entries should not be more than 1200 words and should be sent as an attachment to
  3. Please note that we are only interested in materials written out of inspiration, experience and/or creativity. We do not accept entries not written by the writer and as such; originality is the key.
  4. Multiple entries are welcomed
  5. For Fiction, the subject of the e-mail should be: Fiction/Title.
  6. For Non-Fiction, the subject of the e-mail should be: Non-Fiction/Title
  7. For Poetry, the subject of the e-mail should be: Poetry/Title
  1. In all your submissions, you must include at the top of the page: Your Full name, Country, Phone Number, Email Address, Blog Address (if any) and a short biography of not more than 75 words.
  2. ‘Like’ our page on Facebook or follow us on twitter to receive updates



Selected works would be announced by the first week of the month of March, 2013.

TASW would run a bi-monthly online publication/e-zine and will only publish fifteen works from both categories (Fiction/Non-Fiction and Poetry) in every issue

The titles of the fifteen best works would be published by the first week of March, 2013 and they would be spread across the month of March.

The Best work out of the fifteen in each category would be our ‘Top Story’ for that issue. Only ‘Top Story’ Writers would be paid, for now.

TASW promises to pay ‘Top Story’ Writers within 72 working hours.

TASW welcomes responsible criticism, through writing or other suitable forms with evidence, to any writer who was denied of his/her earnings.

Payment Package

you write, we pay

The payment package includes:

  1. 1.       The best article of each category (Fiction/Non-fiction and Poetry) of every issue, earns $50,
  • You could either ‘Claim‘ the cash within 72hours or ‘Stake
  • Once you claim, the money would be paid within 72 working hours, but if you stake, the money would be at stake and would increase if you win in the next issue following the one you just won.
  • If you win the best in any other issue within the total six issues of TASW year, you earn $150, if you stake and you don’t win in any other issue, you lose your initial earnings.
  1. 2.       If we publish two (2) articles of the same writer in one issue, you earn $20, (Articles that are not compulsorily a top story)
  • Claim or Stake for $30 for three (3) published articles within two issues.
  • Claim or Stake for $50 for four (4) published articles within three issues
  • Claim or Stake for $100 for five (5) published articles within six Issues
  • If you stake and you don’t win in any other issue, you lose your initial earning.

*Please note that the payment package would be reviewed every TASW year and all funding will be made available prior to the start of TASW year*

12 Responses to “Call for Submissions”

  1. From what I read on your publicity post, it seems the works that were published by you last year won’t count in the payment agenda. The payment plan is not bad but it sounds like creating a literary competition to me which is not also a bad idea anyway. Nevertheless, the issue about staking and all that is what I don’t really understand and perhaps, don’t buy the idea because you decide who to publish and who not to publish. If a writer stakes his payment, there could be a probability that you have the power to influence him/her losing such money since you do the judging, selection, and publication. the idea of staking should be jettisoned, I suggest. Also, a writer whose work is selected as the Top Story might not have the chance to check his email or even visit the site of TASW within 72 hours to know that his work have been selected as Top Story and that he/she is entitled to a payment, because some writers are sometimes so busy that for four days they might not have the chance to check their email. And if such happens, TASW will believe such writer have staked his payment, and if he/she is not lucky to be published in the next issue, such payment will be lost. Furthermore, I believe TASW have a future plan to pay the owners of the selected fifteen works published in each issues in future. Even if they don’t start that this year, 2014 will not be late to start that. Another Issue which is important is that you stipulated that entries should be sent as an attachment, but you didn’t specify the format to send it in as the attachment, whether as “.pdf or .doc or .docx” or in any of the three formats I wrote. Consider this and let us know so that we can begin to send our works of creativity like we have been doing before this little positive change. Good work TASW. Keep it up. I’m forever in whether a competition or not.

    • Hello Chuks,

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      But please understand that it is the writer’s choice to either ‘claim’ or ‘stake’ his earnings, not ours.
      We can’t afford to mislay good writings; they are of more value to us.

      Also note that TASW is not in a position to assume anything for the writer until we hear from that writer.
      That being said, it would be more suitable for both party involved in the transaction to respond as soon as possible.
      We will do our best to ensure that.

      The file format should be in .doc or .docx.
      Hope this information helps?


      • Thanks a lot TASW. The information helped a lot. I saw your top story for 2012 in both categories. Nice works they are. Even though I felt disappointed that none of mine made it as 2012 Top Story in any of the categories, the two write-ups you chose as 2012 Top Story in both categories are worth it. Kudos TASW! You people are doing a great job. We are proud of you people to have made our voices to be heard. And I believe TASW will beat their achievements of 2012 this year. Nevertheless, we do it together as Writers of TASW. Well done guys.

  2. This is indeed a welcom development. Kudos. Yet i think the standard of judging should be made known. And how or through what medium would u pay? Is it that you will call or mail for account info?

  3. nice work, i would suggest you boost publicity for your forum/website because i had to navigate through 2 websites to get here

  4. “lets put aside its culture,its beautiful people, its peculiar trouble… Lets see how Africa can build her future with its art”. What does this means in writing our work of art? Thanks

    • Africa is known for the aforementioned things…what about it’s literary prowess? The idea behind TASW and this ‘call for submissions’ is to showcase this prowess, so if you have a beautiful piece that can do that…it would be nice if you can enter it.

  5. Tadi Shinaigo Yerima Reply January 11, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Its really a very good thing you are doing. You’re actually bringing out the best in African Writers by encouraging creativity. Kudos.

  6. Hi… My name Is Agape and my school(Hoerskool louis Trichardt) started a poetry team but we have no idea where all the competetions and other schools … Soo please contact me about competetion’s … Contact me on 0739935853 or at


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